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Game News


First 2 rounds

First person picks 2 cards up to
15th person picks 30 cards
first person picks 30 cards down to
15th person picks 2 cards

480 cards per draft pick round

1 round of-
First person picks 4 cards up to
15th person picks 60 cards
first person picks 60 cards down to
last person picks 4 cards

960 cards picked per round

1 round of-
1st person-14th pick 11
15th person picks 22 
14th-1st picks 11

Deck Building

60 card deck (minimum)
15 Card Sideboard (or 0)

75 extra cards (90 if not using sideboard)

150 total (minimum and maximum allowable amount of cards)

The Pool

15 players- 4500 cards

Rares-7% -     315
Uncommon-20% - 900 
Commons-73% -  3285 

2250 Cards still in pool after the draft


1500 starting elo DCI ranking 
16 k-factor (if you dont know what this is, dont worry about it)


Best of 3

Ante required (if playing for rating)

1-5 Commons or
1-3 Uncommons or
1-2 Rares


play at least 5 matches to qualify
Top 8 Single elimination

Winner gets $30 of MTG merch + Tournament Fee paid for next season (not valid in beta)
Second place gets $15 of MTG merch (not valid in beta)

Welcome to the homepage of "Pat's Draft". All information regarding Pat's Draft, past, present, and future, will be posted on this website first and foremost. What is Pat's Draft? It is an online Magic the Gathering tournament like you've never experienced before. The goal of Pat's Draft is to have a cheap, fun, competitive format of Magic the Gathering that does not focus on collecting expensive cards. Since it is online, it will be using the "Magic Workstation" program for deck building and gameplay. Learning this program will prove vital if you have any interest in this format. Oh, and of course its 100% free. you can find the program and a bunch of good tutorials on how to use it here: Below are the current outlines to "Pat's Draft". These rules are subject to change throughout the beta. 

Pats draft will have 15 players competing together for the grand prize and title. When the season starts you will have to pick from a large pool of cards. After a set amount of rounds, when all the players have the correct amount of cards, the season will start. You can play as many matches as you like against any of the people inside your 15 player pod. You may only use the cards that you drafted. Each official game that you play, you will play for ante. The winner will get one of the losers cards (chosen from that players bonus pool of cards that they drafted, not from their deck or sideboard) and the loser will have to pick a card from the remaining pool of cards from the initial draft (refered to as the "pool"). The winner will then give cards to the pool until he or she reaches his maximum limit of cards. The match will be recorded and the elos will adjust accordingly. Elo is a type of rating system used in normal competitive magic. The more points you have, the better the score. When you win a game you will receive points based on the elo rating of your opponent. For example: If you win a game against an opponent with a higher score, you will receive more points. If you win a game against someone who has a lower score, you receive less points from them. Games are played until the season ends. The top 8 players will compete in the finals, where a winner is declared. The Season will then reset and players will start over again with all stats cleared and a new set of cards, a new chance to draft new cards, and new cards to draft from. Here are some of the specific game specifications (Subject to change without notice):
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